Life Lessons from Uncle Charlie


Uncle Charlie of Two and a Half Men.  If a fan of this show, you may agree that it’s difficult not to love that swashbuckling, whisky gulping man with a heart of gold. And though the new cast is doing a good job, the show is just not the same without him. And as I watch reruns of old episodes every other evening (it’s one of the best ways to unwind after a workday), I have to come to realize that irrespective of what the character is all about, there are quite a few life lessons to be learnt from Uncle Charlie. For instance, is this gold or what:We all want the shining red apple, but sometimes we got to settle for what’s on the lower branch, or in some cases we take what’s lying on the ground.”

So here are a few life lessons from Uncle Charlie that I think we can all use.

Lesson #1: It is important to enjoy time alone.


Lesson #2: When in trouble, always call Mom.  


Lesson #3: Napping equals recharging and we all could use some.


Lesson #4: You should live life on your own terms.

Charlie: “I don’t have to face anything I don’t want to face, and I don’t have to feel anything I don’t want to feel, and that includes Mom’s vodka knockers.”


Charlie: “When the phone rings at Uncle Charlie’s house, we don’t just willy-nilly pick up the receiver and answer it. No. What we do is check the caller ID, and only pick up if we want to talk to that person.”


Lesson #5:  Everyone can be your friend. That includes your pizza delivery guy, your housekeeper and your stalker.



Lesson #6:  As the older sibling, it is your responsibility to teach stuff to your younger brother.

Charlie: “Listen, you’ve got to do me a favor.”

Alan: “That’s what I live for.”

Charlie: “Sarcasm is for winners, Alan.”


Lesson #7: It’s good to know exactly what you want from people.

Berta: “Alright, I ordered your pizza. I’m going home.”

Charlie: “Thanks, Berta. “I ordered your pizza, I’m going home.” Two of the three things you want in a woman.”

Charlie-Sheen-as-Charlie-Harper-two-and-a-half-men-6432952-321-400 (1)

And finally, another gem from the man:

Charlie: “No woman ever came home from a date complaining that all she did was talk about herself.”


An Afternoon of Crafts & Colors in Delhi

It was my second visit to Delhi earlier this month. Many friends had advised that if I have time to visit only one place then that should be Dilli Haat. Which, unfortunately, did not happen during my previous trip, but in retrospect, doesn’t look too bad now, as my very first visit to Dilli Haat coincided with the ‘Women of India’ Exhibition, and it was a visual treat :)

There were stalls set up by women artisans from all over India, selling these beautiful craft items in lovely colors. Those handwoven baskets, sandals in oh-so-gorgeous colors, decor thingies in various shapes and sizes, and not to forget, delicious homemade chocolates from Sikkim :)

And this dude dressed in traditional dance costume happily posed for my camera! Namaste indeed :D

Needless to say, my visit to Dilli Haat was pretty ‘well timed” :)

And as colorful as it could get!

Thank you for stopping by :)

The First Sunset of November

The beginning of a spectacular month, and what more could I have asked for?

This beautiful pink in the sky reminds me of these lines by John Ruskin:

“Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty if only we have the eyes to see them.”

01 11 2014